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Want to know who you'd work with?

As a communications and creative strategist, I am on a mission to help change-makers to amplify their voice. By creating clarity in their story and how they can use their (personal) brand, concept or campaign to catalyze positive change.


I have 10+ years of experience helping impact entrepreneurs, NGOs, activists, kind brands and pioneers with impactful communication, campaigns, brands and concepts. I believe in driving change through true connection and looking for common ground in our (cultural) differences. As a multi-passionate I know how to connect the dots and look at issues from various perspectives.

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Get to know me

  • I am from The Netherlands, but I live with my partner and son in Portugal (Aljezur) where we have two hectares of land and are working on making it drought resistant and to live more sustainable. We are learning about permaculture and working on a small food forest.

  • You can work with me in person as well at NatureWorks

  • I am definitely no saint when it comes to climate change & social issues. But I believe in transparency and I am probably forever trying to become one. 

  • I am a multi-passionate with lots of interests. Always working on multiple projects, which is a blessing and a curse.

  • ​NLP practitioner & NVC lover. 

  • I really like mentoring young people, especially young change makers.

  • New concepts pop-up in my mind constantly. So if you're interested?

Currently also working on


Co-working & workations for conscious entrepreneurs

I am currently working on setting up a space for workations in Portugal. NatureWorks is meant to become a place where work, nature and meaningful connections come together. A place where entrepreneurs can refocus in a holistic way. Not only to develop or grow their business, but to become more sustainable in both their business and personal life. To have a positive impact with their business and to live and work in a healthy way.

Sustainability platform

I am currently working on the concept of a sustainability platform. A place where all sustainable initiatives are gathered and easily found. 


The goal of this platform is to make collaboration easier, to create transparency and to get those who are not yet working in or on sustainability, but who want to, on board more easily. Even when they are still in this process.

Any ideas or would you like to contribute? Let's talk.


Deepdive co-creation week

Do you need a real and impactful inspiration boost? Come join me for a co-creation week at my beautiful place in Portugal. During one week we will deepdive into your business and you will go home with a clear concept and a strategy for the next months.


Brainstorm sessions can be combined with hikes along the coast and relaxing time to create literal and mental space to break out of your routines and let the creativity flow.

Kind words

From clients & collabs

"Within a very short period, Ineke fully understood what 'Het Nieuwe Wij' is about. Her strength lies is asking the right questions and turning this into a clear strategy and communication".

Annette Kelleter
Het nieuwe Wij

"Fantastic to work with someone who want change makers to succeed! Ineke naturally and easily explains jargon to those who don't have much understanding of it. Sometimes a revelation to realise how our brains work, which even makes it educational on a personal level.

Renée Joppe
sustainable photographer

"What I loved about you is that you fully understood the idea behind my business concept. The brainwave that followed was surprising and your enthusiasm very special"

Annemieke Helling
IDFN koffie

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