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Curious about my work?

Some examples of the change-makers I worked with.

I am happy to have worked with so many change-makers, both big organisations and smaller or solopreneurs. Each of them having a big impact in their own way. Here are a few very different examples of the type of work I have done over the years.

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marketing, online campaigning, climate communication, activism

I have worked on various campaigns for Greenpeace Netherlands. From creative concepts to the execution of online campaigns. Campaigns like 'Save the Arctic' 'All Eyes on the Amazon'. The focus was always on the question how to tell a complex story in a simple but engaging way, so that people act.



campaign & content strategy, social impact, equality, sustainability

For OneWorld I have worked on the development and implementation of their new campaign strategy during the rebranding in 2020. The goal was to become more edgy, make very clear what they stand for and to attract new readers. During this period their growth in both website visitors, followers and new paying readers

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Het nieuwe wij

communications strategy, social impact

Het Nieuwe Wij is as social impact project that focusses on connecting people who have been unemployed for a very long time to local entrepreneurs. These are for example immigrants or  people who have delt with mental health issues. I have helped with the communications strategy towards participants, entrepreneurs and the municipality.

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Jan van arkel / vonk

rebranding, marketing strategy,

green publisher

Jan van Arkel publishers is a green publisher who has been around since 1974. It was the first publisher with a focus on books around themes like the environment and knowledge about the earth. However, the branding became outdated so we worked on the rebranding with a new name 'Vonk'.

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Van de kookschool

marketing strategy, business concept, sustainability, education

Van de Kookschool is a beautiful concept in which children learn how to care for themselves and for the earth by learning about cooking, health and sustainability. I helped Van de Kookschool with their marketing strategy and business concept.

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campaign & content strategy,

social impact, sustainability

Solidaridad is an international NGO that facilitates the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains. I worked on several campaigns like the de 'fair sweater' campaign.

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