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More impact by amplifying

your voice and message

Whether you're just starting out as a change-maker or your already have a strong brand and large following, I would love to help you get your message across more effectively. Therefore I have pick my brain sessions, strategy session and options for long-term collaboration.

Interested? Book a free call to see if I can help

Pick my brain session

During a 'pick my brain' session you can shoot any question. So are you looking for some quick feedback or suggestions to improve the things you work on? Contact me and we'll schedule a call.

Co-creation & strategy session

These are longer sessions of about 2 to 3 hours. During these sessions, we will strategise and brainstorm so that together we can find and amplify your voice or co-create your concept, campaign or communication strategy. This is a prepared session and we will start with an intake call to talk about your challenges, so we can find the right way to help you.

Amplify your impact

During three months, we will find your voice, strategise to co-create your concept and amplify your message with effective campaigns or communication strategy. We will do this in monthly sessions and I am available for questions and check-in calls between the sessions to help you progress. This way, I can be your sounding board, while you're working on your project. It's easier to stay on track with regular feedback. This is a personalised package based on your specific challenges. We will have an in-take call to discuss your situation.

Long-term or project based

Are you working on a project or campaign and in need of support during a specific period? Let's have a talk and see if I can help.

Work with me or any questions?

Do you want to explore whether working with me would help you with your challenges? Or are you looking for another form of collaboration?

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