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Amplifying the voices
of change-makers


I help change-makers to tell their story effectively with impactful communication, strong concepts and authentic personal branding.

How can I help?

Amplify your voice

For individuals, change-makers, activists and solopreneurs who have a story to tell or a vision to share for a better future.

Amplify your impact

For social enterprises, NGO's, brands and agencies who want to sharpen their message and grow their impact.

How to talk about...

Sustainability, climate change & social impact

Getting your message across about climate change or social impact can be difficult. The complexity of these issues doesn’t make things easier. Our brains seem to be wired to ignore many social issues. And if it doesn't affect us personally, we listen to it, but we don’t take action. 


To really get things to change, we need to reach more people. But most importantly, we need people to be more engaged. As a communications specialist and creative strategist I help change-makers to find their voice and come across strong with their message.

This is how I can help

woman's hands writing in a notebook, while talking to client

Learn about communication strategies to tell a complex story in such a way that people understand and  that it has the impact you want. 

Women adding post-its on window during brainstorm

Are you still in the concepting  stage or working on a campaign? I am  your soundboard to sharpen your concept and create something that's viable, impactful AND communicated effectively.

woman outside, sitting at a table and writing notes

Learn how to use marketing strategies NOT to sell products, but to sell your story, your vision for the future and make people act on it.

Marketing for purpose

& campaigns

Climate communication
& storytelling

"What you do makes a difference and you have to decide

what kind of difference you want to make"

Jane Goodall

Work with me and I'll help you to...

  • Make the complex simple, understandable and easy to adopt

  • Use different techniques and strategies to help you communicate effectively

  • Create a concept, campaign and marketing strategy that’s viable and impactful

Let's co-create positive change!

Clients & collabs

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